Lesson #1: Learning to recognize people in need

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We have developed the 3Rs [Read, Reflect, Respond] especially for clergy working in pastoral ministry.

In each segment, we are expecting that it will take you approximately 15 minutes to complete the various tasks. You may complete more than one at a time, or come to our website later, when you have another 15 minute “window of opportunity.” Be sure to bookmark this page on your computer’s list of favourites.

Here is how you begin

  • Read a short text; and
  • Reflect on how it impacts your pastoral ministry.

Read: Learning to Recognize People in Need


  1. Are there people who seek my help whose cries I never hear?
  2. Am I tempted to send people away to pray about their problems when I do not know the resources available in our community (or our church) that might assist them?
  3. Where am I most vulnerable?  What help do I need?  As a person?  As a pastor?