Online Training

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Do you want to learn more about how pastors and other religious leaders can respond to victims of domestic violence?

Are you interested in curriculum on family violence that is designed especially for clergy?
Do you have some questions about domestic abuse and communities of faith that you would like to research further?
Are you interested to learn more about how abuse impacts the average congregation?
IF so, our ONLINE TRAINING may be just right for you.

Here are some of the options we are developing.

Series Title

Brief Description

This series asks pastors to read a short article, reflect on its message and impact, and to respond to other e-learners and group facilitators interacting with the same content material.


This series considers data collected by our research team and offers pastors a rare glimpse into how parishioners feel about their intervention. We offer both stories of hope and stories of missed opportunities.

Stories of Hope and Inspiration After Violence

This series provides real stories of men and women, impacted by violence in their personal lives, who have been part of our research projects.

Useful Fast Facts

This series considers data on abuse and its impact on pastoral ministry. We will provide information for sermons, Bible Studies, youth meetings and even for intervention with families in crisis.

Building Bridges

This series focuses on bridge building—linking the community of faith to the wider community. Here we will reflect on paving the pathway from the steeple to the shelter, how to work together in a collaborative fashion, and understanding the unique role of the religious professional in an overall community response to abuse.

Over the last 15 years, we have interviewed hundreds of religious leaders concerning domestic violence. Here is what some have had to say about the reality of abuse in their ministries.

Sometimes clergy need to respond to victims of sexual assault. Here are some words of guidance written by a certified sexual assault nurse examiner.

Public service providers can use these resources to better understand the unique perspectives of religious survivors/perpetrators and the groups to which they belong.